NYC computer and laptops rentals, AV equipment rentals, AV equipment installation, AV services, mac laptop rental, mac computer rental, laptops rent.
NYC computer and laptops rentals, AV equipment rentals, AV equipment installation, AV services, mac laptop rental, mac computer rental, laptops rent.

As a full-service audiovisual, computer and laptop rentals NYC company, AV Rentals NYC will help you select which equipment best suits your needs as well as deliver equipment on site. We offer both Apple laptop rental and PC laptop rental for daily, weekly or monthly rates. Phone today and let our rental specialist help you choose the computer or laptop that best fits your needs and budget.

AV NYC offers computer rental and laptop rental,short term laptop rental, AV equipment rental, Network Tech Support Manhattan.

Laptop Computer Rentals, PC notebook rentals, Mac rental.

Chromebook Laptops


Chromebook laptops have everything you need to surf, work and play with none of the stuff that can slow you down. Running on the Chrome OS, each Chromebook has cloud-based file storage for worry-free backups, and effective built-in security features. As well the laptops that we offer for rentals have multiple ways to connect:  Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, and support for 3G/4G Mobile Broadband as well as browser based computing allows consumers to sync with other Android phones or tablets. The Chrome OS and Chrome browser get users online in an instant and loads web pages in seconds.


Notebooks Laptops


A Windows laptop is for surfing the web and using web apps. Make rentals from us and get things done with Microsoft Office or Photoshop connecting to workplace networks, using rich tools to edit your photos and videos online and offline, calling with Skype, saving your documents to either cloud drive or your desktop, downloading your preferred software from the Windows Store, using both the Start screen and the familiar Windows desktop, organizing your files on your laptop for easy access even when you're offline, working both online and offline, using countless other things you get with a full-powered PC.


MacBook Laptops


The Apple MacBook Pro is an excellent laptop with a cool design, super sharp Retina display and fast performance. These rentals devices offer several multimedia features, including an HD camera and FaceTime software for video chatting. They also boast up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge. These laptops deliver the ground-breaking performance you expect from Apple. It is powerful and robust enough to handle graphics-intensive apps, and compact enough to take with you wherever you go. It’s no surprise: the MacBook Pro is Apple’s flagship laptop the best choice in NYC.


Computer rental services and commercial AV systems

Whether you need a PC rental or mac computer rental, laptop rental or powerful servers rental, or even printer or copy machine rentals for your business in New York, you're in the right place. There is no need for a business to keep extra IT support staff to manage our computer systems. We will deliver your computer order right to your desk, set it up for you, and provide network tech support Manhattan. We’ve been doing laptop computer rentals for a decade. Our job is to ask the right questions ahead of time, supply what you expect, and be prepared to respond to unpredicted developments quickly. Our computer rentals service are ideal for software developers, business and informative training seminars, equipping volunteers for nonprofit events, or seasonal projects, fast growing industries and accounting companies. We maintenance and manage all of our computer hardware so there is no need for you to. So if you are looking for a Macintosh computer rental, notebook rentals, desktop PC rental, monitor rental or projector screen rental, AV NYC has the rental solution to fit your technical needs. Rent a wide variety of our laptops or computers from top name manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Apple. We also offer the hassle-free service of imaging every laptop or PC you rent from us in New York with your company's software pre-installed. We specify and configure all computer rental equipment to your software requirements, including the version of operating system of your choice as well as any special software you require. We also have available 4G air routers rental for the event venues in New York, were you have limited internet connection, so that allow you to connect to the internet from almost anywhere. Are you ready to take your conference to the next level? Let us build you a custom designed set with our professional laptops and desktops rentals. Perhaps you are preparing a presentation for groups that are scattered across the globe. Ask us about our webcasting solutions too. Fallow us with #laptoprentalsnyc. Call us at 212.858.9339 now!

Whether you are doing trade show equipment rental, conference equipment rental, or any type of corporate events and meetings in New York City area, you can always count on AV NYC, Inc. Our broad line-up of computer laptop rental and AV equipment makes for convenient one-stop shopping. Here is a topic we think you should know:  we are local computer rental services and we guarantee our laptops, PC and Mac computers to be fully working! Should anything fail we offer fast support and/or free replacement. We have the best laptop rental rates in New York. Corporate event planners, event organising companies and other event planning businesses rely on our dedicated technical support. Our staff is highly qualified to carefully evaluate the specifics pertaining to your New York City event venues, and create the best conference room solutions for your unique needs. We deliver directly to your site and set up your renting laptops, PCs/Macs or audio visual rental equipment, test al presentation gear, and provide critical technical support whenever you need. By combining premium AV rental equipment, top-quality computer rentals, realistic rates, and consummate staff, your experience with AV NYC will be smooth and uncomplicated. Call us at 212-858-9339 or complete computer rental form.

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